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Truly elevate your cooking with the Heritage Collection Set! This exquisite set of knives is crafted with beautiful AUS10 damascus Japanese steel blades - 67 layers of forged Japanese steel for unmatched strength. Plus, the full tang handle design provides superior control and balance. The perfect gift for food lovers, this stunning set will make an impressive statement in any kitchen. It's our #1 selling gift set!

  • Damascus (67 layers) AUS 10 Aichi Japanese Steel
  • G10 Red and black handle with triple rivet brass
  • 2.0mm Forged full tang blade, meaning there is one piece of steel that runs from the tip of the blade through the end of the handle, giving the knife added weight and balance. The heavier handle increases the leverage, requiring less force to cut through denser food.

Included in this collection are:

The 7" Cleaver, known as the Chukabocho in Japanese - typically features a sharp and straight edge able for slicing, chopping, mince and crush its way through any vegetable, fruit and small-bone, thanks to the weight of it’s large wide blade. Thicker, and therefore heavier blades are best suited for general kitchen usage including medium-sized butchery work. 

The 3.5" Petty Knife - the go to choice for mincing herbs, slicing vegetables and peeling fruits. The shorter blade is also great for small butchery tasks like deboning poultry and meat. 

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All of our stainless steel blades are heat treated for optimum hardness and edge retention while maintaining the ability to be sharpened to a razor's edge. The steel used is perfect for kitchen specific tasks because of its corrosion resistance, preventing it from oxidizing with rust when it comes in contact with meat, fruits and vegetables. Each GINSU KATANA knife blade is forged. Forged knives are made up of a single bar of steel, wherein the process of compressing the steel makes it harder and stronger. 

Store your GINSU KATANA knives in a countertop knife block, divider drawers, on wall-mounted magnetic strips or in a Saya. Choose what is best depending on your preference. To clean your knives, hand wash with mild soap, rinse and towel dry. Our GINSU KATANA knives are NOT dishwasher safe. Always cut on a wood surface. Softer woods like maple and walnut provide the best surface. Avoid marble, steel, glass or ceramic material as they can dull and/or chip the blade.

We guarantee our knives against any manufacturing defects in material and construction, and to perform as advertised when properly used and maintained.